Humphrey Blog - Kiss and Tell

Humphrey Blog - Kiss and Tell

My previous single, a song called “Now and Forever” took approximately one hour to record in total. That's including setting up equipment and two tea breaks! The process was entirely simple because that's all that that particular song needed.  

Kiss and Tell was the complete opposite! I think I would need a calendar rather than a clock to say how much time went into this track.  

The drone sound you can hear at the very start of the song was the result of me (quite by accident) leaving my guitar on and returning home to my house vibrating with feedback from my monitor speakers. I loved the sound, but as soon as I tried to record it - it stopped! Bastard! So I set everything up as it was and I waited - then I waited some more… after about 6 hours it started again, and I managed to capture it!  

If you listen closely to the song at different points you will be able to hear what sounds like whispering gossip. This was an element I wanted in the song so I spent three hours recording and re-recording various gossip from TV shows like “housewives from wherever” etc. and then layering it up - it was fucking painful….  

Sometimes songs take minutes to put together. I would say this one took months! By comparison, it was like chipping at a sculpture rather than writing a song. Sometimes this is what it takes. 

I believe every song-writer knows a “throw-a-way” lyric when they hear one. I’m proud to say there are none on this track, I love this song because I know the work that went into it.

A few fun facts:  

  • The guitar solo at the end of the song is reversed, I wanted the effect of wanting to go back in time to meet possible regret.

  • The amazing female vocal on the track is the lady who taught me to sing! Her name is Pauline Carville from Apollo Arts in Belfast.

  • This song is Craig from MASK’s favourite from my solo album - he helped me a lot vocally to get it right. A true friend.

So - to the question that I have been asked many times. Is this song of ‘Kiss and Tell’ actually about me? Simple answer - Yes.

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