What can I say about my new single?

Humphrey Blog - What can I say about my new single?

I have a new single out on July 5th and it’s called “Now and Forever.”

My debut single “What Goes Around” was a complete surprise to me in that I honestly didn’t think it would be as well received as it was. I couldn’t be prouder of how things have gone and are going - so what's next?!

Well, at this next juncture it would be a wise and advisable decision to follow up with something in a similar vein to carry on the ‘buzz’ so to speak - but I’ve never been one to jump on bandwagons if I can help it! This track could be the complete opposite of what’s expected from me!

‘Now and Forever’ comes from a dream I had - in the dream, I am dying and my younger self and the people I care about are asking my old dying self how to live my life? At that point, the dream became a nightmare because I was unable to get the words out in time and then I watch myself die…

The next morning as soon as I woke up I picked up a pen and paper and wrote out my dying words/life advice so they will never go unsaid.

This will be without doubt the most personal song I will probably ever release. I have a slight problem when performing it in that I get a little choked up and teary - hopefully time will rectify this.

And so, ladies and gentlemen - ‘Now and Forever’ are my dying words...


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