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Time to Turn and Face Myself

Humphrey Blog - Time to Turn and Face Myself

I am best known as a guitarist/vocalist and songwriter for a band called MASK - I started the band and we are a genuine group of friends who get together to make a noise, something I feel is lost in the industry today.  We usually take that sound and play it loud enough so that our ears are bleeding!  It’s fucking great.

So let me make it clear, this is not the end of MASK, I love our band - in fact I think we are just beginning…

When I write for MASK the process is usually very observational - I am looking at the world and writing from the inside looking out.  For this solo project I flipped the script and decided to instead look at who I am.  Ultimately, it was time to turn and face myself.

I returned to Millbank Studios where the last MASK album (“The Famous”) was recorded, armed with some rough home demos and an acoustic guitar.  

I gave Michael (owner and producer at Millbank) the brief that I wanted to do something “different” and that if I started to do anything that sounded like a MASK record then steer me away.  I truly love working with Michael, he is an incredibly talented individual and his enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.  

What was crazy about the recording process, is often I would actually feel the emotion behind the song.  So if it was a song about ‘betrayal’ for example, I would feel really “off” and hurt in some way.  I guess the only way to portray real emotional honesty is to actually sit in it.  This is completely new for me.  I have never stopped long enough to hurt for anyone or anything…

The results have been a real roller coaster of emotion and self-discovery.